As a freelancer with a variety of interests, I’ve amassed a diverse portfolio.

Shipt – Raise your glass, Orlando: It’s Gimlet time!, July 2016
Ars Technica – The scientific arms race to age our whiskey, July 2016 – Weekly cocktail history and science column, Oct. 2013-present
Tales of the Cocktail – The History and Science of Clarification, March 2016
PUNCH – How About A Ramos Gin Fizz at 35,000 feet?, Jan. 2016
The Washington Post – Bartenders get injured all the time — and their employers rarely provide insurance, Dec. 2015
Tales of the Cocktail – The Science (And Cost) of Craft Ice Programs, Dec. 2015
VinePair – One Winemaker’s Quixotic Quest to Save California’s Wine Industry From Climate Change, Nov. 2015
Eater – Why It’s Time to Give Canadian Whisky a Chance, Oct. 2015
Adweek – The Sweet Success of Bitters, Sept. 2015
Tales of the Cocktail – Dive Bar Classics Are Getting Craft Cocktail Makeovers, Aug. 2015 – The 13 Strangest Vodka Flavors (and the Drinks You Could Actually Make With Them), May 2015
Refinery29 – We Tried ALL The Margarita Mixes – Here Are The 5 Best, May 2015 – Each Bottle of This Gin Is Flavored With the Venom and Pheromones of 62 Ants, May 2015
Paste – Beginner’s Guide to Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey, Dec. 2014
The Bitter Southerner – 5 Essentials: Cocktails Every Southerner Should Master, Dec. 2014
Literally, Darling – Service In The South: On Being A Woman Who Bartends, Sept. 2014
UAB Magazine – Liquid Chemistry: The Flavorful Science Behind Beer and Coffee, Aug. 2014
Southern Living’s The Daily South – Five Spring Cocktails With Five Ingredients or Less, April 2014

Tales of the Cocktail – Meet the Researcher Studying the Chemistry of Whiskey Barrels, Sept. 2015
The Atlantic’s CityLab – On The Job With: A Bartender, July 2015
FarmLife Magazine – On Their Own, Winter 2014
Paste – G.I. Joes and Daiquiris: A Q&A With with David Wondrich, March 2015
Love, Inc. – New & Notable, Winter 2013
Birmingham magazine – Make a Joyful Noise, April 2013
Knitscene – Taking Shape, Spring 2012

Misc. – The 5 Strangest Things the 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Selling Online, Aug. 2015 – My $5,000 Wedding Budget, Dec. 2014
Los Angeles Review of Books – Zombie Novels. (You Know, For Kids!), Aug. 2014

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