Marvel-ous Blondes

xmenAs a kid, I adored Marvel comics. I had a compendium of The X-Men Universe, watched cartoons and read graphic novels. Though there were lots of women in strong, empowering roles, none of them looked quite like me.

Except the villains. As a tiny towheaded super nerd, the only women blonde women I encountered were bimbos or plotting to kill Dr. X.

Admittedly, I didn’t make the connection until I was researching possible cosplay options, but the conflict was there. In spending an hour or two (or three) looking through the X-Men Wikia, I found a few random, inconsequential characters who appeared occasionally to round out a shoot in the X-Men movies.

I hear you shouting “Emma Frost! What about Emma Frost?!” Yes, there were a few storylines where she was totally and entirely good from the start, but she’s a villain at some point in most of them. As I looked into the matter further, I became more and more frustrated with the Universe that used to be my escape.

After a while, I searched Reddit. Talk about a rabbit hole — I ended up spending 30 minutes looking at pictures of dogs dressed up as superheroes, but didn’t find anything that addressed the lack of blondes. Once I got back on track, I found several threads debating the hottest character, but it didn’t seem like Redditors cared about much above the neckline.

Though we female nerds have been speaking out more and more, there’s still a lot of bias to overcome within certain fandoms. I understand that the target audience for these comics is adolescent and pre-adolescent boys, but a good number of girls and women read them as well. So where’d the blondes go?!

Have any theories? Leave them in the comments.



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8 responses to “Marvel-ous Blondes

  1. They’re not X-Men, but Invisible Woman and Captain Marvel are both very prominent blondes. There’s also Magik of the X-Men, who’s had a stint as a bad guy, but has traditionally been mostly heroic, and is heroic again. And is being well-handled right now by Bendis, over in All-New X-Men. There’s Dazzler, who’s got a long history as a hero. Magma, of the New Mutants. There’s a few blonde heroes. I’m not sure if you looked at this list:

    But plenty of heroes show up in it.

    • I was! I consulted that Wikia while I was was looking, but didn’t find any really strong blonde women that were around when I was a kid.

      • Yeah. I suppose if you were an X-Men fan in the ’90s, there wasn’t a lot. Dazzler had run off with Longshot, Magik was dead, Magma wasn’t around. Mockingbird was dead, Valkyrie wasn’t around. Namorita of the New Warriors was blonde for a while, before she became blue-skinned. There was Crystal in the Avengers.

        I guess we’ll just have to chalk it up to blondes being evil.

      • I was thinking more that one of the creators had bad luck with blonde women and his experience was reflected in his work with the comics, especially since I’m a blonde myself and like to think I’m not all that evil.

      • Nope. Blondes are just evil. A few are exceptions. But most are the spawn of Satan himself.

  2. JFL

    Still on the Marvel but not Xmen train Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel is a really kick ass female and a blonde. Emma frost does make this geek’s hear skip a beat however. I’d rather go for the vilanesses anyday.

  3. I always had trouble finding brunettes as heroines in the media I consumed as a kid, back in the ’80’s. Apparently, it goes in waves. There was always Rogue in comics, but Disney Princesses do not do brown hair. Unless you count Lady from Lady & the Tramp.

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