A pocket-sized practice

Ocean sequenceWhen I told Carla Jean Whitley that my chiropractor had strongly suggested I do more yoga, she said, “I like your chiro.” A few minutes later, Carla Jean suggested the Pocket Yoga app. She is an avid yogi, so I took her word that the app was solid and paid my $3 for the download.

For its price, the app’s offerings are substantial. Since it is a phone-based app, the location of its use is only limited by your phone’s battery life. The user can select the duration and difficulty of each of the five preset practices. Each sequence is accompanied by soothing background music, and more difficult poses are shown  from different sides for the user to better imitate the stance.

A list of poses organized by type of movement, difficulty or name is also available. Each physical position and its benefits is described in detail. This app is most useful for people who have taken a couple professionally led classes and are passingly familiar with the basic poses. So far, it has provided variety to my practice while my budget tightened.

However, the app does have a few downsides. The narrator’s intonation of “inhaaaaale” and “exhaaaaale” is mildly annoying. Part of each sequence I’ve tried has an extended period where the user alternates between two poses. The repetition builds core and back strength, but can be tedious after a while.

Most busy yogis can find time for a 30 minute practice at home even if they do not have time for an hour-long class at a local studio. With the cost of both transport and the classes themselves, this app can be a good supplement to a regular group practice.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review were my own. I was not compensated for writing it.



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6 responses to “A pocket-sized practice

  1. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing. **makes sure I have $3 in my account before I go to download** lol

  2. I love it so much, and as I’ve practiced more frequently, I’ve found that the practice builder app is also awesome and worth the money.

  3. Hey Clair! I think you are the first (and possibly only) See Jane Write blogger who follows me. Today, I found out I got nominated for the Liebster Award, which I totally hadn’t heard of until today. I’m also nominating you! (Part of the requirements. See the link to my post. 🙂 ) Thanks for being a great blog supporter and having a great blog.


  4. I’m awarding you with the Liebster Award. You don’t have to accept it. To learn more, come to my post: http://stfu4abetterrelationship.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/liebster-award/

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