Outlining wet sidewalks in halogen

Photo from last Third Friday c/o Dave Phipps. I got distracted.

I visited Naked Art‘s new location for the first time earlier this year on a rainy February night. The gallery was open late for Microlove, their annual pre-Valentines Day show of local artists’ smaller works. That night, Adam and I spent more than an hour wandering the brightly colored hallways, sipping sangria, visiting with friends and befriending strangers.

Since that night, I’ve become a regular at their openings and special events. I’ve introduced several others to the monthly Third Friday in Forest Park and Avondale since then and taken them to visit this gallery and the beer, produce, wine tasting, boutiques and barbecue in the neighborhood.

With so many local venues participating, the featured sales and specials offer something for almost everyone. If you’re new to Birmingham or are a long-time resident, going to Third Friday is a great way to connect with a new and different crowd of people, to discover new parts of your community and support local businesses.

Today’s title comes from Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets.”



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7 responses to “Outlining wet sidewalks in halogen

  1. Girl, that barbecue. Thank you for that. I miss being at Avondale with you.

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