Should I trust this dialect to convey the right effect?


When I was young, I didn’t have athletes as heroes, I had writers and journalists and scientists and explorers. NPR figures into some of my earliest memories, and I’ve grown into an NPR addict. Journalism was presented as the last bastion of impartiality–minus the 24-hour news cycle.

That’s why I, like my friend and sometimes editor Carla Jean Whitley, keep politics and religion out of my writing. It is not my business to define others’ beliefs.

Through my writing, I can leave a record of the people and stories in my life. To my loved ones, I promise not to post too many embarrassing stories. I would like to leave a legacy of love, not embarrassment.

Through my writing, I hope to teach love and patience in dealing with difficult situations. I have learned from the best, and I will not covet that knowledge. If one person slows to consider their actions, I have left a legacy I can be proud of.

Title from Hellogoodbye’s “Dear Jamie, Sincerely Me.”


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  1. Mark Rupright

    That photo needs a fountain pen.

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