My Manifesto, OR How I accidentally stopped drinking coffee

Coffee. Delicious, delicious coffee. Yep, I miss it.

Two weeks ago, right before I stared this blog, I accidentally gave up on drinking coffee. The brewing system at work is A. a drip maker B. cheap and C. lacking cream. It’s also $9 per month to drink. Yes, I’m aware that the cost is equivalent to that of three cups of coffee at the local shops I frequent. Yes, I’m an insufferable coffee snob who would rather forgo her morning coffee fix than drink poor quality coffee. And yes, I should probably wake up 10 minutes earlier to make my own damn coffee and stop complaining.

Honestly, I would rather forgo doing a lot of things than do them poorly. I have a case of what I call creativity stifling perfectionism. It’s not a technical diagnosis, but every time I begin a project, it sneaks up on me. If the hook isn’t right, I’ll rewrite it until it’s passable (my personal record is 23 discarded drafts).

When it comes to the case of writing and social media use (or tweeting about writing or writing about social media), I’m the same type of stickler, and my autocorrect doesn’t always watch my back. Wording may be what forms the meat of the post, but it’s the intention behind the crafting that makes the whole creation meaningful.

What follows is my manifesto:
This blog is a record of the people and opportunities I encounter through social media, and as such, a testament to its connective power. It is an ongoing love note to the city of Birmingham and its citizens. It is an attempt to teach effective personal social media usage as I learn it.

My caffeine headache may have abated, but my desire to work more towards focusing this blog on social media has not. I haven’t blogged without the structure of Blog Like Crazy, but as the blog starts to take shape and gain direction, my manifesto will be there as a reminder to stop, think and share the meaningful connections social media has facilitated in my life.


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  1. Great manifesto. It’s really good to have a mission to keep you focused and motivating when blogging. I’m really looking forward to future posts.

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