Close to home, close to the heart

I left my local readings out of my nerdy links post because they tend towards a much different side of the things I like. There are so many that I try to follow that it would take close to a week to list them all. Here are the some that I’ve been thinking about recently or are from people I’ve connected with through social media. I’ve divided them into categories:

1. Better with Coffee
These blogs pair well with coffee–they are the introspective musings of people I know and people I think I would like to know.

Ink-stained Life
Gold Shoe Blog
Food Revival

2. Moving and shaking
Straight up shots of energy, inspiration or humor.

Writeous Babe
See Jane Write
Worst Weblog In The World
Vodka Cranberry Clooney

3. Misc good stuff
Music. Beer. Science. Food. Love.

Birmingham Box Set (Full disclosure: I write for this blog for fun)
Urban Standard

4. City Love
Life in Birmingham.

Magic City Made
Mary Katherine Morris (photog)
Kate Tully (photog)
Rob Culpepper (photog)
Cary Norton (photog)



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2 responses to “Close to home, close to the heart

  1. Thanks so much for including my blogs in your list!

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